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MyWardrobebyFayTRADE EXPRESS: Please provide a bit of background about your business; when you were first established in the UK and when you launched in AU and NZ?

We first launched in the UK in 2006 and the first customers from Australia followed not long after that. It wasn’t until 2011 that we made a sustained push in the region and recruited a designated resource on the ground to look after the growth of the Australian market.

TRADE EXPRESS: What is your business purpose?

To provide a luxury, edited, and accessible womenswear offering, to women all over the world.

TRADE EXPRESS: How many shipments do you ship per day?

Thousands of shipments go out everyday globally!

TRADE EXPRESS: What percentage of your customers comes from AU and NZ?

Australia provides approximately 10 percent of all our orders globally, and we are interested in exploring the New Zealand market further.

TRADE EXPRESS: What is unique about your Australian/New Zealand customers?

They are the most technologically savvy customers and have globally the highest rate of social media use – that translates nicely into being e-tail shoppers. They are extremely well educated around fashion and desire the European and US brands that we make accessible.

TRADE EXPRESS: What potential for growth in online retail do you see within Australia/New Zealand?

There has been a huge amount of growth and we believe that there is still a lot more to come. Online will increasingly turn into mobile, which is an exciting development we can already see.

TRADE EXPRESS: What benefits are there to being an online fashion retailer?

Being online allows you to be nimble and to respond to your customer. We change things week to week and can be tactical as the medium allows that fast response.

TRADE EXPRESS: How long have you been a DHL customer?

We started with DHL as our provider over 5 years ago and have grown with their support into a global brand. Having trialed other providers in recent years we quickly returned given the service is far speedier, consistent and meets fully  the needs of our customers which remains at the heart of our service proposition.

TRADE EXPRESS: What do you value most about the service DHL provides?

The reliability, the consistency and the quality. The fact that our customer can order a luxury item which reaches her from the UK in less than 3 days is fantastic. The collection returns service operated by DHL means that an item can be collected and returned within a day of receipt and all at the customer’s convenience.

TRADE EXPRESS: What piece of advice would you offer Australian/ New Zealand retailers launching an online platform?

Do your research, find a niche and execute the site well. Running an online business requires a lot of patience and understanding of logistics.

TRADE EXPRESS: What are the logistical challenges of being an online fashion retailer?

The importance of deliveries and returns to ensure that the customer experiences a luxury end-to-end experience.   So far DHL has provided us with a great service and deliver this to our customers.

TRADE EXPRESS: Are there any specific logistical challenges DHL has assisted you in addressing? If yes, please describe the issue and the solution put in place?

The setting up of a flexible collection returns service where we have been able to ensure that this is done at the ease and convenience of each customer. No waiting in post office queues for our customers!

TRADE EXPRESS: What are you predictions for the summer season? What are those must-have items we should get our hands on for winter?

Leather has been strong for the last few seasons and continues to be, so key pieces – leather leggings, a jacket, a pencil skirt. We are also excited about our new enhanced accessories offer with many new show designers coming onto the site. Acne pistol boots have been a firm staple over the past couple of winter seasons and show no sign of going away.


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