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Australian women’s wear label, Aje has only gone from strength to strength since its inception in the winter of 2008. As the creative child of designer and best friend duo, Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson, the label effortlessly marries both urban and coastal aesthetics with the help of artisan techniques. The Aje team explains how the label delivers style to meet the tastes of the typical Aje girl.

How would you describe the brand’s philosophy and style?

Aje is a fashion house dedicated to raw beauty, tough femininity and effortless cool. The Aje girl is confident, inspiring, and unconventional in her style, as she effortlessly navigates her way between her urban and coastal lives.

A key element of Aje’s designs is the inclusion of artisan techniques. Each seasonal collection plays with the unique quality and textures of hand-loomed and hand-woven fabrics, delicately striking handsewn embellishments, and hand-painted prints.

Who is your typical customer, and what are their needs and wants when it comes to the purchasing process?

Quintessentially Australian, the Aje girl is well-travelled, educated and discerning. With a consciousness for quality of design and fabrication, she seeks the highly coveted, unique designs that are grounded in each Aje collection.

Aje’s target market is 20 to 40-year-olds – with a mix of fast-paced millennials, and more traditional consumers who value the face-to-face customer service experience. To further serve and inspire our customers, we publish ‘The Aje Report’, a journal of curated styles each month. At Aje, we strive to cater for both extremes and the full spectrum that lies within.


Where are your most popular international markets and how has interest grown overseas?

Aje has its origins in Australia. Alongside our thriving online store, we have now grown to nine boutiques across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

In 2012, the label debuted at Australia’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and has grown greatly in popularity in the time since. In 2015, Australian department store Meyer exclusively signed Aje, and the label continues today to be the best performing contemporary designer brand in Meyer’s stores.

This year, due to consistent international interest, Aje has opened its doors to the global wholesale market. Having showcased collections in both Los Angeles and Paris, we received strong cut-through in both the European and US markets.

The Los Angeles demographic seems to resonate particularly well with the Aje brand, and we are already working closely with major wholesalers in this region. 

A shipped package can provide online retailers with a great opportunity to physically connect with their customers. What have you considered to make the unboxing experience memorable for the customer?

All of our creations are hand packed and wrapped by the lovely styling assistants in each of our nine boutiques across the country. It’s amazing the difference a beautiful ribbon, crisp wrapping paper and a chic branded box can make to the customer experience!

You recently decided to make DHL Express your provider of choice – why did you choose DHL and what are your expectations for working with us?

As the leading provider of courier and logistical services, it is no surprise that DHL Express remains at the forefront of providing simple, reliable, fast and affordable delivery options.

Our online shoppers expect an impeccable customer service experience from us, and in order to provide this, we require a seamless mode of transport – thus leading us to choose DHL Express.

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